Андрей Ковалев и группа Пилигрим


Bitter dust is on lips, sun is shining in eyes,
There is the quiet daybreak,
Is it really that love is only at sky?
But he knows, it is certes a fake.
Memoirs bursts in the heart, he forgets what is calm,
She like Goddess or angel was loved,
She gave promise to wait for until he would come,
As his homeland needed in guard.

Poor stranger in country of love,
Bitter poison of sorrow in blood,
And his love had became just a dream,
But it’s gonna come back into him.

He was on the border of lifetime and death,
And his brothers in battles were killed,
Medallion with her portrait like fortune he kept,
At nights of happiness dreamed.
But war came to an end, he returned soon at home,
He experienced what is a lie,
She had married somebody some years ago,
It had stabbed in heart as a knife.

And like casualty beast of sorrow he screamed,
For murder praying the God,
She was girl he forever dreamed,
She like Goddess or angel was loved.
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