Андрей Ковалев и группа Пилигрим

Keep the candle burning

You have to let go to keep living
They learned too soon this painful art
All the suffering, grieving, forgiving,
Never could take their hands apart

Game of jealousy played together
Through the windows of graying days
Swearing love would last forever
But betraying it all just the same


Candle burns in the night, keep it burning
All your prayers to the skies are in vain
Lonely stars in the emptiness falling
Will they die in this world made of pain?

It was long enough to be over
But games of love have so many ends
Happy smiles getting colder and colder
Blind of the night is your only friend

Time will circle around and spin us
But your heart holds the key to the light
We can tear down the walls between us
If the candle still burns in the night


Life is more than too hard for living
What is there when we’re dead and gone?
Soul touched by the unforgiving
And the light of candle torn.

  Ссылка: http://piligrim-rock.ru/ru/ne_gasite_svechu_eng